Eshedu enla ilahe  illa Allah

“Eshedu enla ilahe  illa Allah”  In terms of the level or mertebe of knowledge, this phrase can be considered to mean “Ilmel Yakiyn.”  More specifically, “Eshedu” means “I testify” and “Enla ilahe illallah” means “There is no other God, but Allah.”     
 Nonetheless, in order for us to reach this stage, we need to complete the previous level of tekbirs properly.  If we are unable to begin the task properly, we will not be able to accomplish it.
 What do we call the act of telling someone something that we have not personally witnessed?
 This is called lying or bearing false witness.  The punishment for lying is proportional to the importance of that which one lied about.  This is the reason why our intentions should be sincere when we repeat “Eshedu enla ilahe illallah.”  When we repeat this phrase we need to do so with sincere intentions even though we have not spiritually witnessed it.  InshAllah, may Allah c.c. not make liars of us while we are on this journey.
 The reason we come to this world is so that we can reap as many benefits as possible for the hereafter.
 Although this benefit is not material, it is desperately need for the hereafter.  In one ayat it says, “Whatever you give with your hands is what you will receive in the hereafter.” Considering that we cannot fully understand it, our intentions should at least reflect the truth: “I am a believer” when we repeat “I am a witness that there is no God but Allah” (Eshedu)  by doing this, at least one intends to witness the knowledge that this phrase attests. The first repetition made in the material plane conveys that there is no God but Allah, and the second repetition made to oneself also conveys that there is no God but Allah.  In other words, you begin to understand that there is nothing else around you, but Allah c.c., and then you realize that you yourself are also a part of this realm.  Consequently, you become conscious that whatever exists in you is only Hakk.
 This is the reason why the first repetition, “Shahadah,Eshedu enla ilahe illallah,” is Zahiri [manifested in this world we live in].  The second repetition called Batini[or the subtle hidden universe beyond the physical world we live in].
 Zahiri Sahadah = Ilmel Yakiyn
 Batini Sahadah = Aynel Yakiyn
 My dear brothers and sisters, these are the issues we have to try to clearly understand by discarding the delusions so that we may be able to attain the truth.  Peal the skin off to get to the source; don’t just play in the water, dare to dive into the ocean.
 My dear spiritual teacher became ill at one time and was taken to the hospital, and despite the seriousness of his condition, he was still trying to teach me the meaning of the phrase “Eshedu enla ilahe ill Allah.”  InshaAllah, Allah c.c. provides an immeasurable amount of mercy!  With the statement, Sahadah, Eshedu enla ilahe illa Allah, we confirm that we are trying to understand the four tekbirs that precede it.