La ilahe Illallah

“La ilahe Illallah”
 This is the last phrase of the call to prayer and it is referred to as “Kelime-i Tevhid.”  The Unification (Oneness) of the two different repetitions of “Allahu Akbar,” the external one and the internal one, pertaining to our existence, is called “Tevhid.”
 What is “Kelime-i Tevhid?”
 We will analyze the four different levels or mertebes.  Although it was mentioned in one of the previous chapters, it will be explained here separately.
 The word “La” means “not,” “no,” or “to remove.”
 What needs to be “removed?”
 “Ilahe” or all the other delusions of our minds we call God.
 “Illa” means “only”
 “Illa Allah” (illallah) means “only Allah.”
 In the first level of knowledge, Ef’al means “There are no other gods only Allah.”
 The second level, the universe of Esma, means “There are no other beings beyond this world – not even in the universe of Esma.”  The beings we imagine or the things in our imagination do not exist either.  Specifically, the other gods we imagine do not exist, there is only Allah.”
 From the third point of view, “La ilahe,” means “There are no gods in the universes of Ef’al, Esma, or Sifat or in their attributes; there is only Allah!”
 In the universe of Ef’al there are no gods, and there is only the existence of Allah.  In the universe of Esma not even personalities exist, and there is only Allah in the state of Hakk.  The names of Hakk exist but not separately since they all co-exist.
 In the third level, “Sifat,” nothing exists for then attributes only exist in the state of all attributes of Allah. 
 In the fourth level, there is no “Zat”(personality) for any creatures only in the Zat of Allah.  .
 Tevhidi Efal…………………………La faili illlallah
 Tevhidi Esma………………………..La mevcude illallah
 Tevhidi Sifat…………………………La mevsufe illallah
 Tevhidi Zat ……………………….La ilahe illallah.
 Cenabi Hak has instructed us regarding “La ilahe illallah” from the point of “Zat” and from the point of His attributes. If we do not make an effort to understand this from the standpoint of the first two levels of knowledge,  Ef’al and Esma, it will be virtually impossible to comprehend the phrase “La ilahe illallah.”
 If Allahu teala c.c. permits, in the future we would like to write a book regarding Kelime-i Tevhid or “La ilahe illallah” where this may be explained extensively.
 This is the reason why I stop here.  InshaAllah, may Cenabi Hak increase our degree of comprehension to enable us to better understand these issues.
 Proclaiming the official call to prayer outside of the mosque is referred to as “the Zahiri invitation”  (“Zahiri” means the external appearance), and proclaiming it inside the mosque is referred to as “the Batini invitation” (“Batini” means the internal essence).
 From another point of view, the official call invites the people outside the mosque to come in, and it invites those who are inside the mosque to enter their own hearts.  Furthermore, those who have already established a connection with their hearts are invited to go before Allah c.c.
 Whoever hears these calls and comes to salat will discover their true selves and be liberated.
 InshaAllah, may Cenabi Hakk give us all the ability to understand the official call of Ezani Muhammedi, and allows us to live up to it.
 Cabir b. Abdullah (Ensari) (ra) conveyed that Rasullullah (sav) said, “During the official call, whoever wishes Sefahat repeats: “Allahumme Rabbe hezihiddagvetittammeti vessalatil kameti eti seyyidina Muhammedenul vesilete vel fadilete vedderacetirrafiate veb’as humekamen mahmuden ellezi vaedtehu inneke la tuhliful miad”
 Kiyamet gunune kadar Sefahat im ona helal olsun” that means “Dear Allah, owner of this official call and salat, please give our dear Prophet Hz. Muhammad the highest rank possible and elevate him to the rank you promised him for you are the only One who undoubtedly fulfills promises.”
 Who would not want the “Sefahat” of Hz. Muhammad (sav)?
 InshaAllah, may Allahu Teala c.c. provide all of us the Sefahat Hz. Muhammad (sav).
 If we really want to receive his Sefahat, we must obey him and continuously follow in his footsteps.
 I have finished the discussion on the topic of Ezani Muhammedi. InshaAllah, may you have been able to receive a great deal spiritually.  I pray that Allah c.c. increases the inspiration Allah c.c. has granted all of you.   
 Our duty is to study and work hard in the journey toward Hakk.  Everything else, including any necessary assistance, comes from Allah c.c.